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Attempt to Propose Day Cruises at Angthong Marine Park

View From the Cave Tai Plao Beach Thailand

The Angthong Marine Park is a very attractive place and therefore there is a strong interest for travel operators to bring in customers. The maritime tourism in Thailand tends to fill the boats for reasons of profit, a little to the detriment of the comfort on board as well as the respect of the visited places.

In addition, to offer on the web the same benefits as their colleagues, some will not hesitate to offer a fabulous snorkeling or a sea kayak ride with an increase in the fare.
But snorkeling is not that cool at Angthong, except a bit on the top north of the park at the right season, but with a lot of swimmers around as well as rice or bread in the water to make the spot fishy…
And the kayak ride that you have paid extra is a short one from one beach to the next one in the most crowded area of the place.

But as apparently spending a night at sea discourages a lot of potential passengers to join our Overnight Trips we will try to offer for the next few month Shared Day Cruise to Angthong Marine Park
This will occurs twice at the end of this week and once a week later up to the middle of October.
We hope that the people involved in the activities they propose to their guests will be sensitive to the quality of what we offer and that they will prefer to offer us rather than jumping speedboat tours or well-filled big boats.

On our Shared Day Cruise to Angthong Marine Park you will find a cosy place to enjoy the sailing, shadow or sun as you prefer, sea kayak available all along the cruise and all stops with nobody around except one as we have to meet the rangers to pay the entrance fee.
You will also get all cooked aboard meals and free flow of juice, cold water, soft drinks and coffee or tea.
You will also be covered by a full insurance as we are a well registered tour company with Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT)

But still we can say that the Best Way to Enjoy the Beauty of Angthong Marine Park is certainly our Overnight Cruise Private or Shared

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