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The beginning of the adventure: the birth of Itsaramai

Model built at Mae Haad Beach in 1998 - Koh Phangan - Thailand

The beginning of the adventure

In 2000 we had just decided to leave France for South East Asia.
We have been passing for years (personally since 1981) three months a year in Thailand, always about two months in Ko Phangan, a small island in the southern Gulf of Siam.

The project is taking shape, figuratively and literally, to build a wooden boat and sail with the islands of the corner with far distant dreams of navigations much longer and why not the tour of the oceans.

The first boat plans are sketched and on the beach of Ko Ma where we lived at the time, in front of Mae Haad which was still only a fishermen’s hamlet with some summary bungalows, the model of the ship took all my attention.
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