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One Day Private Trip to Mu Ko Angthong Marine Park

Itsaramai Sailing Yacht Cruising through Angthong Marine Park

The Angthong Marine Park Reserve

The Angthong Marine Park is an unusual place with its 42 islands carved by the sea, rain and winds … Erosion has given all these limestone rocks, covered with primary forest, the appearance of strange silhouettes. The water pushed by the wind has perforated the islands of tunnels and caves. The 6 kayaks that we have on board allow us to explore them in detail and to sneak into some hidden haunts …

The Marine Park has the chance to shelter some species of animals quite rare on the ground as in the water … Only the visit outside the hours of affluence allows us to see Dusky’s monkeys, Kalaos, Pilot whales, Chinese white dolphins (also known as pink dolphins) and some lucky months to see Minkle’s whales passing by during their migration across the oceans in pursuit of plankton …

Itsaramai at anchor at Ko Wua Ta Lab – Park Guards Headquarters

It is one of the most attractive places in the Gulf of Thailand and therefore it is quite busy during the day … That’s why we decided to usually conduct our cruises on two days and one night to be able to make you enjoy tourist spots when they are deserted …

As some people do not want to stay in the park for the night, we offer the option on a single day but only as Private Cruise.

We are not alone in the park but we will show you the main tourist attractions when there are not too many people around, or if you want to discover places where other boats do not go.

Keep in mind that it is a day of 10 hours with 6 hours of navigation.

The first navigation is about 2h30 / 3h00.
There is plenty of space to sunbathe or stay comfortably in the shade of the back deck or main cabin …

Arriving at the Marine Park, we drop the anchor for a first swim in a spectacular place.
While you are swimming, we finish to coock and dress the table for the first meal.
After the meal, we go for an exploration in sea kayak, secluded beach, caves and tunnels …We have 6 triple sea kayaks on board.
If visibility allows it, we can try snorkelling or go to a next spot …
It all depends on the weather and the tidal current.

We always try to get you to the best place with few people around.

In the afternoon, around 15:30, we leave the park to return to Ko Phangan.
Departure from Thong Sala – Koh Phangan 8:30am
Return same place around 6:30pm

From 28. 000 baht for a private cruise up to 4 Guests

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